This FREE workshop is designed for undergraduate students (e.g…. computer science, geophysics, geology, math, physics, engineering) or recent graduates who will be starting graduate school in the fall of 2023 that want to develop scientific computing skills within a seismological context. We will also admit all currently enrolled graduate students into the workshop in addition to undergraduate students However, graduate students should recognize that this is an introductory workshop. There are no-minimum course or experiential requirements in order for students of all backgrounds to participate. However, students who have completed at least one semester of math and physics will be best able to benefit from the course. Two semesters of each math and physics would be ideal.

REGISTRATION: 17.04. – 15.05.2023

Workshop Goals

The goals for the workshop are to increase participants’…

  • Knowledge, skills, and interest in seismology and scientific computing,
  • Self-efficacy in using seismic data, and
  • Competitiveness in the application process for graduate school, summer internships, or professional jobs.

The geophysics skills developed in this workshop will help prepare you for graduate school and a rewarding careers across a range of career sectors including the federal & state governments, oil and gas, mining and mineral resources, research institutes and national labs, environmental services, academia, etc.