Thanks to Matthias Halisch (LIAG) the working group IP is proud to announce the establishment of their own logo (right hand side). From now on, the logo can be used for all kinds of publication with general topical relationship to research within our group (e.g., posters, presentations, articles if applicable, etc.). The full package can be downloaded here.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the annual DGG conference 2020 in munich was cancelled. Instead, the next DGG conference is planned to be held in Kiel in 2021. However, a general member meeting will already take place in autumn 2020, also most likely in Kiel. An exact date is not yet available and will be provided as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the upcoming 6th international IP workshop in Annecy, France, is postponed to June 2021 (not confirmed yet: June 21st – 24th 2021). More information is available here:

Now, a modified overview of existing IP instruments in Germany is available here (as of 02/2020). In case of questions or requests of lending, please contact the mentioned liaison.

german version

Literature from recent international Workshops


A DGG colloquium on “Induced Polarisation” was first organized during the DGG Annual Meeting in Braunschweig in 2019. It presented state-of-the-art practical applications and current research topics in the field of IP. The publications of the colloquium can be found in the proceedings (mostly in German).


The working group „IP“ (induced polarisation) was founded as an informal group of scientists and practitioners working on IP and SIP (spectral induced polarisation) at the DGG general assembly 2004 in Berlin. Since 2005 we are an official DGG working group. A special session on SIP is a result of our activities.

Since then we are meeting periodically twice a year during organized workshops and within the annual meetings of the DGG. During the meetings, we exchange the latest research results and developments. Since 2009 the working group initiates an international IP meeting held for the first time in Bonn/Germany. From that time on an international exchange is organized biennial (2009 – Bonn, 2011 – Denver/USA, 2014 – Ile d’Oleron/France, 2016 – Aarhus/Denmark).

The working group is open to everyone for active or passive membership.


  • exchange of information on research and experience with IP and SIP
  • development of standards and reference materials
  • collecting ideas for further work and projects
  • disseminate the knowledge on IP


  • IP database (M. Halisch)
  • List of existing IP instruments in Germany (T. Martin)
  • Collection of publications in a list (T. Radic)
  • FTP Site, for access please contact the speakers
  • Overview of measuring cell systems for laboratory SIP measurements (M. Münch, available on FTP site)
  • Development of a reference test network to test measurement devices M. Münch, S. Kruschwitz, T. Radic, E. Zimmermann)
  • List of accessible and well-known test fields (E. Lück, A. Kemna, A. Weller)
  • Collection of SIP models (N. Klitzsch)
  • Collection of IP/SIP modelling and inversion software (A. Kemna)
  • Database of samples and lab results (M. Halisch, A. Weller, E. Niederleithinger)
  • Exchange with international IP working groups (France, USA, England, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, South Africa)

Active member institutions with contact persons


The working group maintains a newslist of interested scientists. For subscribing or sending an email to the list please ask one of the speakers.


The working group is currently chaired by Sabine Kruschwitz and Tina Martin.